Please read the following user agreement before registering or using any JCodes:

    I. License and Copyright:

    The codes provided on this site are copyrighted, and protected by the
    GNU Public License (GPL), which should be included with every

    II. Accuracy of Codes:

    There IS a very likely chance that the codes provided on this site contain
    errors that I am unaware of.  There is NO expressed or implied guarantee
    as to the accuracy of the codes.   

    If errors are found please report them using this form so I can notify other

    III. Coding standards:

    These codes were written with only functionality in mind, and they do
    not fully follow GNU coding standards.  In addition, a lot of the coding is
    incredible sloppy.  Over time updated versions should correct both of
    these issues.

    IV. Documentation:

    There is very little (if any) documentation provided with the codes.  Over
    time, more in-depth documentation (MANUALS) will be provided.

    V. Citing JCodes:

    The codes provided here are free under the GPL.  If these codes are used
    to obtain results to publish a paper, book, etc please acknowledge their
    use with reference to their name (JFDTD3D, etc.) and the website www.  This is not required, but greatly
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